About Democrats for Lancaster

We are Democrats for Lancaster, an organization that recruits and elects progressive leaders who will lead Lancaster City into the future. Our primary focus is on building a strong bench of dedicated individuals who share our progressive values and are eager to drive positive change in our community. We do this though connecting these individuals with training that nurtures the skills and capabilities necessary for effective leadership, and resources to help aspiring politicians to step forward and make a lasting impact on the community.

We firmly believe that diverse representation and progressive ideas are crucial for a vibrant and inclusive city. That’s why we actively seek out individuals from all backgrounds, recognizing their unique experiences as catalysts for positive transformation. By engaging in grassroots organizing, fostering community connections, and forming strategic partnerships, we provide aspiring leaders with the resources and support they need to run successful campaigns and effectively serve the community.

Our mission extends beyond developing individual leaders; it’s about creating a culture of civic participation and political activism. We mobilize volunteers, organize advocacy efforts, and engage with the broader community to build momentum for progressive policies.

Together, we envision a future where passionate individuals with a shared vision come together to shape policies and bring about meaningful change, ensuring a brighter future for all residents of Lancaster City.